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Why is localization needed?

Advancements in technology have brought high level of graphics to games but on the contrary to expectations, the winner of the show is not determined by the graphics but the story that the games tell. What we can see as a proof to this situation is that the most epic and memorable games are the ones that gave us unforgettable stories with original gameplay rather than the games with big budgets and ultimate graphics. But even the best story told in a foreign language you can't understand is worthless.
Most of the mails we receive from Turkish gamers are about how they can’t understand the story and if we can provide a Turkish language support for the game. It is no surprise that they don’t want to spend money or time on a game that they don’t understand. Bottom line, localization is the key for reaching more people.

But why Turkish?

Since Steam brought life to digital gaming and provide a whole new market, the marketing techniques of the producers and the buying habits of the gamers have changed. Compared to before, game marketing, purchasing and distributing processes drastically reduced. Every gamer has a digital game library nowadays. Buying original games, which was considered as a luxury before, is now the matter of chasing the discounts on the screen. The digital libraries that brought simplicity for us also came with its new problems and needs. The societies that were pleased enough for a game that is launching for their country are now demanding that these games must come with their own language as well. This situation created a big market on its own, resulting in an increase on the localization budgets of the producers, and created a more and more demanding crowd. The languages that were not even recognized before, is now a must for the games and the gamers. Another one of these “must” languages is now Turkish.


Turkish as a highly demanded language in the gaming industry

Though native to Turkey, Turkish is a language spoken also in 8 different countries and native for nearly 100 million people (Ethonologue – Languages of the World, University of Düsseldorf). Consisting of 46.8 million of gamers, Turkey is spending approximately 755 million dollars on games annually, and this number is increasing year by year. (newzoo, 2016) So, Turkey is not yet had enough of its share on gaming market and its share in the market keeps growing every year. The companies that can see this are already providing Turkish language support for their games. We can see Sony Entertainment is the leading company in this aspect as they provide Turkish language support for their own Playstation games for 5 years now including Last of Us, Uncharted Series, Beyond Two Souls and more. As the most commonly used platform in Turkey, Steam has more than 3 million active Turkish accounts. Considering Steam’s pricing policy based on the economic criteria of the countries makes it easier for Turkish gamers to reach the games. Turkish gamers are ready, are you?


Why Us ?

Why Us ?

Founded in 2009, Oyun Ceviri unofficially translated over 100 video games. We are a group of experienced voluntary translators. Oyun Ceviri is the first translation group that comes to people’s mind when you talk about game localization in Turkey. Our translators are also gamers and like to play games so they are voluntarily doing this job with their love for games. We successfully translated big games like Witcher 2, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, Dishonored, etc. with our experienced translators.

Our Goals

Our goal is to unite all gamers under the same roof with the motto of ‘’One Language for All“. There are nearly 22 million gamers in Turkey and our goal is to help them to understand the game that they are playing. We think that Turkey has a big part in gaming world and will continue to localize and translate the games untill Turkish language is accepted by the gaming world. We also think that in 5 years Turkish language will be a necessary option in most of AAA games.

Game Localization

Game Localization
Translation of video games for PC, console
(Xbox, PS, Wii, Nintendo, etc.) and also mobile games

Web Site Translation

Web Site Translation
Translation of your game’s web site into Turkish.